Download HCL 2010 Latest and Previous year Placement Papers Pattern


HCL is one of the most advanced companies that recruit hundreds of bright candidates that have earned the degree of B.Tech. The questions paper involves various modern aspects that would test the basic knowledge of the candidates. The placement papers involve various questions on loyalty as well as organization related that exposes the candidate’s minds in the rue form. The placement paper involves various questions on diligence as well as judgment skills. The candidates also are tested for their endurance and responsibility.

The company too frequently asks questions on general awareness that is in the multiple types. The questions also cover topics of mathematics and are divided into various parts. Part I and Part II are very important as they mainly cover the Language and the mathematics part. The company has specific type of placement paper for the software engineering that involves questions on computer programming and various computer languages such as C, C++ and such others.

The company through this placement test tends to choose the best of the lots of the candidates and try to eliminate the non quality indented candidates. Thus the placement paper is of major significance to the HCL candidates as it directly relate to the standard check of the company.

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HCL 12jan210

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