Computer Networks Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers


In simple words Computer Network is a system in which all computers are connected to share information and resources. This connection can be client/server or peer-peer connection. In Peer –to-Peer networking model every peer are equally privileged and they distribute the work load among them. Client –server model of computing where task is distributed between providers of service called servers and service requester called clients.

(Q) What is a protocol?

(A) Protocol is a set of rules for data communication and transfer.  It defines what is communicated, how it is communicated, when it can be communicated. Key elements of protocol are semantics, syntax and timing.

(Q) Tell about TCP/IP protocol?

(A) Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the basic communication protocol. It also used in Intranet and extranet. TCP/IP uses the client/server model of communication in which a computer user request and he/she will be provided a service.

 (Q) What is switching?

(A) Switching in data communication is of 3 types

Circuit switching, Packet switching and Massage switching

(Q) Difference between Analog and digital signals?

(A) Analog signals have unlimited number of values where as digital signal has limited number of values.

(Q) In which form Data is transmitted over a medium?

(A) Data is transmitted over a medium in the form of electromagnetic signals.

(Q) What is Bandwidth?

(A) Bandwidth is the range (difference between highest frequency and lowest frequency) of frequency that a medium can pass.

(Q) List the factors on which Data transmission depends?

(A) It depends on Bandwidth, quality of signals and levels of signals.

(Q) What is RIP?

(A) RIP stands for routing Information Protocol. RIP is used for exchanging information between two routers.

(Q) Tell about PING utility?

(A) PING stands for Packet Internet Gopher. PING is used to ensure connectivity between two computers. ICMP (Internet Control Messaging protocol) protocol works behind this utility.

(Q) Difference between Hubs, Switch and Routers?

(A) Hub with multiple ports is a common connection point for devices in a computer network. Mainly used in LAN connections.

Switch – Between LAN segments a device is used to filter that is Switch. These operate at Data link layer.

Router is a device that forwards data packets along the network.

(Q) Tell about Anonymous FTP and its uses?

(A) When you want to connect to host without any logins then Anonymous FTP provides access in a guest or anonymous form. Anonymous FTP has very strict control over access areas of anonymous user.

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