Aptitude Questions And Answers For Freshers Free Download PDF


Almost every company now are planning to conduct an aptitude test for freshers to know your logical reasoning ability. Many might be thinking that when I know about the programming languages to develop an application why I need to know this aptitude? Actually many companies think that asking a fresher about the developing languages and based upon this giving giving a job is not right as not all freshers know about the technologies, so if they are good at logical reasoning then companies trust that even if he/she don`t know he has the ability to learn it quickly.

So aptitude is very important for private jobs and governmental jobs even helpful for competitive exams. Here are free aptitude questions and answers for freshers.

Download Aptitude questions and answers pdf

Important topics that you need to prepare in Aptitude

In any aptitude test we are expected to have few questions from every topic, here I will give you a list of aptitude topics which are more expected to ask.

  • Train problems(Questions abased on trains)
  • Questions on distance, height.
  • Time and speed questions
  • Questions on age, Number series
  • Average, percentage and profit & loss
  • permutation and combination, probability
  • Odd man out

Weight may differ based upon the company but these are more expected.

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