Technical Support Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers


Technical support is a service provided by the company for their product customers to assist them on how to use it and help them if their is any trouble shooting. This service can be delivered over phone or email depending upon the company`s product.

Technical support deals with the specific product or model. Knowing about the company’s product is key to get job easily. If you are not familiar with the product then Google it and find which product the company is providing. Apart from this you need to have a willingness to learn new things, many companies have training classes to train employees about the product. You need to have very good communication skills with positive attitude.

Technical Support Interview questions and answers

(Q) Are you comfortable if you need to take back 2 back phone calls?

(A) Yes. If you are asked the reason, then responds positively.

(Q) Tell me about your tech support experience?

(A) Give a detailed view of your previous work.

(Q) What percentage of calls were you able to answer without escalation?

(A) Here don`t tell big number; depending upon your capacity.

(Q) What is the percentage of your cases needed more than 2 calls to clear the same issue?

(A) Clear the issue is your main task; you need to do this in one call.

(Q) What would you do when angry customer calls you?

(A) Depending upon the situation I will solve the issue, if the customer has some serious problem then I will try solving it.

(Q)Can you deliver a training class if necessary?

(A) Yes

(Q) Where do you see yourself in future?

(A) Probably in a good position.

(Q) Write an SQL query?

(A) Depending upon the company they may ask you for SQL query or hardware questions. See SQL interview questions 

(Q) Do you have any questions?

(A) Don`t hesitate to ask.

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