Internet Banking Interview Question And Answers


Online banking is also called as internet banking or E-banking. This allows the user to do their transactions through online securely. To access this facility the customer should go through the website and get register with the bank along the Id and password. The id is nothing but the account number of the customer. Some of the features for online banking are:

  • Bank customer can also perform non-transactional jobs through online banking like to view balance, transactions, paid cheques, account statements etc.
  • Customers can manage banking errands through the online banking like fund transfer, loans, payments, billing etc.
  • Transaction endorsement process.
  • Online banking support account aggregation that allow customers to observer all their accounts within main bank or with other institutions.
  • Financial institution management.

Question and Answers:

1Q. what is internet banking?

A. Internet banking is the coolest way to carry out the banking transactions using a safe website, which is operated by their respective banks. Internet banking is used widely by masses and numerous benefits to offer. Internet banking services provided by banks differ from bank to bank and country to country.

2Q. How can we say that whether the marketing research important for online marketing?

A. Yes, Marketing research plays an important role for building proper online business. Doing marketing research helps us to know about the needs of the consumers and knowing that we can give the consumers what they need.

3Q. How does e-commerce helps seller?

A. E-commerce helps the seller by selling items as per the consumer’s need, giving flexible offer, and helps in reducing cost.

4Q. Explain the benefits of e-commerce website for consumers?

A. E-commerce website helps the consumer in different ways:

  • Have to get the proper review of the products or services.
  • Can Save their time.
  • Trust.

5Q. Explain about web marketing research?

A. Web marketing research is a way to understand the web marketing by analyzing it. It includes procedure like finding market issues, converting it into marketing research project, making a survey, fetching information’s through survey and then analyzing the solution to the issue.

6Q. Explain the advantages of internet marketing?

A. The advantages of internet banking are:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Statistics can be measured more easily due to availability of various tools.
  • Large viewers.
  • Various advertising methods.
  • Availability of various options for convenient of the customer to research through products and services available and makes a purchase.

7Q. What is SEO?

A. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a part of internet marketing. SEO is a method by which the visibility of a website or a web page is increased on search engine. SEO involves the following performances like:

  • Assign relevant keyword specific title tags and other Meta tags.
  • Edit the content and the associated HTML coding.
  • Increase the number of back links and inbound links.

8Q. What are the limitations of internet marketing?

A. The limitations are:

  • The quality and authentication of the product and services offered online cannot be confirmed and thus uncertainty always persists.
  • As the products and services offered are not tangible they cannot be touched, tasted or smelled before purchasing.
  • To purchase product online personal details need to be entered such as card details and personal information which are at risk to leaks.
  • Product seen online at times differs from what is finally delivered.

9Q. List out the names for internet banking?

  • Web marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Web advertising
  • E-marketing

10Q. List out the various types of internet marketing?


  • Email marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing

11Q.Explain the procedure how a product be sold more effectively online?


  • Define the objective of the product.
  • Make clear about the problem and needs of the product supplies.
  • Explain the problem and the points faced by people.
  • Present the solution
  • Layout features and benefits.
  • Provide guarantee wherever you can to make the customer feel secure.

12Q. What should be kept in mind while drafting an email for marketing?


  • Use an effective subject.
  • Make sure the email does not go into spam.
  • To ensure this make sure the email does not have too many links and restricted words which lead to mail ending up as spam.
  • Keep the email body crisp and up to the mark.
  • Make your point and do not drift away from it.
  • Avoid any form of grammatical mistakes.
  • Repeat at least once.

13Q. What is CRM?

A. CRM stands for Customer relationship management. It is the process where the companies use for client interaction. It involves business processes like sales, customer support and marketing. The objective of CRM in marketing perspective is to keep track of emails and social media.

14Q. What aspects of the internet does internet marketing encompass?

A. Internet marketing doesn’t mean marketing on the internet. It has a broad scope as it also includes marketing done through e-mail and wireless media. It encompasses also the creative and technical aspects of the internet like design, development, advertising and sales.

15Q. what is Meta description? How to frame it?

A. Meta description is used to describe the web page over the internet.

  • Describe your page accurately
  • Use maximum number of keywords
  • Use store name and domain
  • Do not duplicate meta descriptions
  • Provide unique description.

16Q. How can be Meta keyword be used to pump visibility?

A. To increase the visibility of a website over internet Meta keyword must be optimized the right way. Meta keywords can be enhanced using the following rules:

  • Use relevant words or phrases:
  • Avoid duplicate words
  • Begin with important words
  • Use comma for separation

17Q. Explain the term “Web Hosting”?

A. Web hosting is a way to gain a existence on the internet. The web hosting company should be capable of providing you with the level of service that you need to maintain your Web Store.  

18Q. How do SecurID tokens for internet banking work?

A. These tokens generate a PIN number to access our account online. Each token has a seed number. This is combined with the current time, and run through an algorithm to produce a different number. The bank computer knows the time, seed number and algorithm, so it can generate the same number.

19Q. How does the Security Device work?

A. To log on to your account on Internet Banking, we need to enter our existing username and password as usual, followed by the unique security code generated by the Security Device. The Security Device provides an enhanced level of security to access our Internet Banking account is now based on a 2-step authentication process. Since the Security Device is in our possession and the username and password is only known to us, we can only access our account online. Simple to use and easy to carry, the Security device ensure us to access our financial information online, in a completely secure environment.

20Q. How long do payments take to be made in Online Banking?

  • Payments to Barclaycard
  • Payments to non-Barclays accounts
  • Payments to other Barclays accounts


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